And then there were five

After splitting our hives, we split Aunt Ann’s as a swarm control method. One of the hives is now living at our neighbor’s house, and the other came home with us.


It seems to be doing well. These were the hives that we let make their own queens.






Reversed the boxes

We have 3 boxes on each hive — we kept the middle one in the middle and reversed the top and bottom boxes.

We worked on the hive in the shade (Hive #2) first and did a mini inspection along the way – keeping an eye out for swarm cells. We destroyed a few cells that were probably just drones on the bottom of the frames.

Hive #1 we rushed through and switched the boxes trying not to disrupt too much. We put a new pollen patty on both boxes.

In the next few days we need to:
Feed more sugar water
Inner cover (wooden) is all moldy so we should look into ordering plastic ones
We need to remove more burr comb – they are making it like crazy
Need some 8 frame mediums (boxed)
Should order another queen excluder and another hive base in case we need to split either hive



We had our smallest beekeeper helping. She was great at rescuing bees from the sugar water. Save the honey bee indeed!

Bee check

It was a beautiful sunny almost-70-degree day today and the hives were buzzing.

We peeked into the hives to see if they needed any sugar water only to find the feeders still at least half full.

Tomorrow we are expecting 1-3 inches of snow. We’ll have to start reading up on what we should be doing next 🙂

This pollen-heavy bee looks pretty happy.

We will need to do a complete hive inspection in a few weeks.